Management Tips for Fall Calving Herds, Watching for Sulfur Issues in Calves, Herd Management Update

Just as slick pathways make it hard for people to walk on, it can also challenge cattle, especially those actively breeding. For herds following a fall calving schedule, it is important that bulls and cows have solid footing to stand on and good shelter when going through the breeding process. Also, for producers using A.I., it is critical to maintain thawed semen at 95 degrees for optimum success. Listen in for more tips.

Producers who are supplementing their calves with feeds such as corn gluten or distiller's grain need to be on the watch for polio, a health condition that causes blindness or difficulty walking due to brain swelling. This can happen in supplemented calves that are drinking from a water source that also contains sulfur. Tune in to hear the signs of trouble and treatment options.