CATTLE DIGESTIVE HEALTH - Improving Digestion Health in Cattle

What effect does cattle digestive health have on overall animal performance? How do we improve immunity and provide strength for life? How do I balance my nutrition and health protocols? Trevor Tuell, Director of Strategic Beef Business with Diamond V, will explain the importance of immune system efficiency and what it means for your herd. Trevor will cover innate and adaptive immunity, active stressors and how gut health affects overall performance.

Trevor has a long history in the beef industry in various roles in both the supply and live production side of the business. Tuell was raised on a family-owned feedlot in Eckley, Colorado where he later became the Chief Operating Officer, managing custom feeding operation, employee hiring and management, commodity purchasing and risk management, and the development and implementation of herd health programs. Additionally, Tuell developed two subsidiary businesses focusing on seedstock and feedlot alliances, branded beef programs and supply chain integration. A graduate of Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in animal science, Tuell previously served as Director of Colorado Beef Quality Assurance, Director of Environmental Programs, and Interim CEO for the Colorado Livestock Association. His experience from all aspects of beef production help give him insights that can connect the supply side of the system to the needs and expectations of customers.

A special thank you to Diamond V for sponsoring this month’s Angus University webinar. Diamond V postbiotics are deisgned to address specific real-world challenges in the beef industry. Their products support nutrition, immunity, health and performance. For nearly 80 years, animal nutritionists and veterinarians worldwide have recognized Diamond V's leadership in research and development of microbial fermentation technology. Want to know more? Visit


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0:00 - The Importance of Gut Health

0:20 - How to Manage Gut Health

0:51 - Understanding Gut Health

2:30 - Benefits of a Healthy Gut

3:45 - Gut Health Products

4:30 - Working with Local Feed Stores

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As of 10/08/2021