When temporary power outages hit rural areas of South Dakota, animal caretakers might wonder, “How did we ever raise livestock in the days before electricity?” Electric lights, hot water heaters, and mechanical ventilation are all items that are taken for granted, except when weather events … Read more

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Spot cattle and boxed beef prices were highly divergent last week. Support to the live cattle side had been built on positive COVID-19 vaccine news and resulting equity market upticks spilling… Read more

Protein is a vital nutrient for cattle, especially for rapidly growing or lactating animals. In cattle diets, protein is commonly expressed as “crude protein” (CP). The CP concentration is det… Read more

Dustin Aherin, animal protein vice president and analyst for Rabo AgriFinance, says understanding beef supply-chain dynamics will help cattlemen predict what the future holds. This video news … Read more

USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) posted an outbreak investigations overview with summaries of outbreaks investigated during fiscal years 2017, 2018 and 2019. The report include… Read more

Feeder cattle markets have displayed very dynamic movements this fall that have implications for cow-calf and stocker producers. Figure 1 shows how feeder cattle prices have evolved this fall … Read more

The all cattle and calves number is expected to be below a year ago with most numbers related to the beef herd recording a year-over-year decline. Dairy cows are the exception which are expect… Read more

USDA released an updated corn and soybean yield last week, which reshaped the feed outlook for the year. The latest Crop Production (November) report indicated the corn yield dipped below a re… Read more

High vomitoxin levels are leading to the rejection of some corn at grain elevators this year. Vomitoxin detected in corn so far is enough that at some elevators, trucks are not permitted to le… Read more

Daily Choice boxed beef has started climbing again in the first week of November. Rib, chuck, and round all inched higher throughout this week, giving hope to some seasonal demand for cuts bor… Read more

The KLA Board of Directors met Monday, November 16, and made the decision to move the 2020 KLA Convention to a virtual format. COVID-related limits on gatherings, implemented by Sedgwick Count… Read more

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By many measures, beef demand has remained remarkably strong since the pandemic started in March.  The first half of the year was characterized by unparalleled disruptions in both beef supply … Read more

September beef exports were fairly steady with last year in major Asian markets, but trended lower overall, according to data released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (… Read more

Rainfall ranks as one of the most important factors that influence ranchers’ management decisions, according to North Dakota State University Extension specialists. Read more

Demand drivers. Even without a worldwide pandemic, economic shutdowns and disruptions in food processing, Dan Basse would have covered demand drivers at the 15th annual Feeding Quality Forum. Read more

Of all the lessons I’ve learned in 2020, one that I hope everyone has taken advantage of is vast opportunities to learn. With many cattle meetings and educational seminars postponed, it’s easy… Read more

Winter wheat is used for grain-only, forage-only or dual-purpose systems targeting cattle grazing and grain production. In the Southern Plains, stocker producers interested in grazing winter w… Read more

Cattle are creatures of habit. Delivering an accurate ration across the entire bunk every feeding is often overlooked but provides the consistency that they crave. When feeding cattle a total … Read more

The latest monthly trade data were released by the USDA Economic Research Service last week. The September data continued to show adjustments from the beef production and beef price changes ea… Read more