Although the U.S. restaurant industry has shown remarkable resiliency, a new report from the NPD Group indicates they still have a long road ahead to get back to pre-pandemic levels. Restaurants lost as much as 35% of visits at the beginning of the pandemic. Read more

Retail meat price data was recently release for the month of June. Beef and pork prices remain well above typical levels while chicken prices continued to moderate lower. Pork prices have been… Read more

Beef is the protein 46% of consumers are most likely to order on their next foodservice trip. “Consumers missed going to a restaurant and sitting down to eat that incredible steak, so they lea… Read more

Nothing says summer quite like the smell and sound of real beef sizzling on the grill. Whether it means enjoying a grilled beef meal with family and friends that we haven’t seen for a while, b… Read more

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After a year of virtual events, the Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand will host the 16th annual Feeding Quality Forum in Fort Collins, Colo., August 24-25. Read more

I grew up on a cattle farm in southwestern Minnesota. To call beef a staple in our diet is a massive understatement. My mother would leave daily reminders to get out a package of ground beef o… Read more

Consumers who prefer beef over plant-based protein alternatives said they are willing to pay nearly two dollars more per meal for a burger when dining at a restaurant, according to a recent st… Read more

Cattle producers across the state will have the opportunity to explore the 2021 market outlook as well as the latest beef research from South Dakota State University faculty and staff at the s… Read more

Livestock trade between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada experienced some disruptions resulting from the pandemic this year but flows have recovered and are generally tracking above last year. Tot… Read more

Wholesale ribeye (roll, 2-in lip-on) prices have accelerated to new weekly record highs during the weekly of 11/28/20 and 12/05/2020, reaching $1256 per cwt. This price series dates back to 19… Read more

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Christmas is a special time often celebrated with family and food! Families have their traditional favorites that everyone would miss if it was not on the table. Wrapping up 2020, the staff at… Read more