FL Steer Up Close

“Opponents of the Beef Checkoff have criticized the program for all sorts of things: being outdated, being unfair…even doing business behind closed doors,” said Greg Hanes, CEO of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board in an Op-Ed piece. “But anyone who follows the process or has attended a BPOC (Beef Promotion Operating Committee) meeting knows nothing could be further from the truth.”

According to Hanes, work conducted during the annual BPOC meeting this month in Denver is the culmination of the beef industry’s entire year — the end result of hundreds and hundreds of volunteer hours from producers, thousands of miles traveled, and hours upon hours of painstaking study and spirited debate.

“This year, the 20-member committee heard from nine potential contractors, both big and small, pitching 15 Authorization Requests that encompassed more than 50 tactics,” he wrote.

“So, when the dust settled, did everyone get everything they wanted? Did anyone get everything they wanted? No. It was the Beef Checkoff process as producers intended 35 years ago: an exercise in innovation, compromise, and finding the best possible ways to leverage producers’ and importers’ checkoff dollars.”

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