CN EZ Ration

The new patent pending Pickup Pull Processor is a computer controlled hay processor trailer that blends two large square bales of different feed sources into a desired ratio for feeding. It creates a cost efficient, nutritional balanced mix of roughage into proper particle size for feeding cows. Ranchers using this processor to blend feed roughage in varying ratios decrease their winter feed costs 30 to 50%. Processing and blending a few pounds of alfalfa with several pounds of almost any other cheap roughage available saves cost and improves nutrition.

The trailer unit can be pulled with any pickup equipped with a gooseneck ball hitch. The processor is powered by a small on-board, fuel injected, computer-controlled Honda® engine. An in-cab control touch-screen computer monitors all functions of the unit, including the engine torque and performance, as well as feed processing, feed ratios and floor chain speeds. Computer control settings are preset for automation but can be customized by the operator. Processing speed is automatically regulated in coordination with the engine torque to keep a smooth consistent blending of feed regardless of the density of the bales. The trailer tracks directly behind the pickup giving pulling advantages while feeding in snow. This size of hay processor works well feeding small to medium cow herds.

Link to the EZ Ration Calculator on website and enter your variables to determine how much you can save in feeding costs.