While most people shy away from a cow patty, the mounds of manure contain a plethora of valuable information for cattle ranchers. Testing manure and deciphering the results of the tests is the job of the Texas A&M AgriLife Grazingland Animal Nutrition Lab, GAN Lab. Read more

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As livestock producers prepare for another grazing season, thoughts are often directed towards grass conditions, animal conditioning, and fence repair. An additional very important considerati… Read more

In a previous article, I left you with a quick overview of the history of the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program and the importance of the program today. In this article, I want to continue … Read more

Nitrate poisoning is something we think about with forages such as millet, oats, corn, sorghum, sudan, kochia and others that have been fertilized or if there is a drought, but water can also … Read more

The latest Drought Monitor shows that drought is significantly worse now than at the same time last year with 63 percent of the country now in D0-D4 categories. These drought categories can be… Read more

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The Death Tax Repeal Act of 2021 was introduced in March by U.S. Senator John Thune of South Dakota and U.S. Representatives Sanford Bishop (D-GA) and Jason Smith (R-MO). Both bills would allo… Read more

This winter and looking towards spring, forecasts predict warmer than average temperatures across the state. With warmer temperatures and recent precipitation, ranchers need to be proactive in… Read more

Youth will be able to learn about safe farm practices during a Tractor Safety School that North Dakota State University Extension is hosting May 26-28 at the North Dakota 4-H Camp near Washburn. Read more

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Producers are still picking up the pieces from last month’s Arctic blast that brought bitterly cold temperatures to much of the High Plains. Actual air temperatures measured -30 and colder in … Read more

Unfortunately, record keeping and the financial analysis that can result are often not seen as an interesting or fun exercise. It definitely can’t hold a candle to the latest nutrition webinar… Read more

American taxpayers have begun receiving another round of stimulus dollars recently and it seems everyone has an opinion on what you should or shouldn’t do with the funds you receive. This week… Read more

Early spring provides one of the two preferred times to seed perennial cool-season forages, the other being late summer. The outlook for this spring is for probabilities of above average preci… Read more

Whether because of reduced forage production caused by drought, or increased competition for grazing acres, feeding lactating cows in a drylot is being at least considered as an option by more… Read more

Managing feedstuffs efficiently becomes more important during drought conditions or low revenue years. Two questions which commonly arise are: Read more

No this is not about the current political state of our country. So far, I have resisted the urge to join in the numerous ongoing social media conversations. No, this is just some of my person… Read more

Manure is a valuable fertilizer for crop production. However, it gets expensive to move very far from the barn because of its high water content. Here are four tips to get the most out of your… Read more

There’s no doubt 2020 had more than it’s fair share of challenges. The Covid Black Swan reached wider and deeper across the world than most initially expected, but David Kohl, Ph.D., Professor… Read more

There are hundreds of definitions for leadership. All of them have an element of accuracy that fit the current needs of leadership for a specific situation. Family businesses need a leader tha… Read more