What provides encouragement to do a job and achieve an objective? The answer depends on who needs the encouragement. Some people respond to the carrot while other people respond to the stick. This brings to mind children. Parents ask/tell their children to do things on a regular basis such a… Read more

The first light frosts are still a few weeks away in Nebraska. However, planning for these events should be considered by beef producers grazing plants in the sorghum family. In addition to so… Read more

Rural landowners often are interested in raising livestock to slaughter for personal consumption, local marketing or for normal commodity markets. Advantages to raising your own beef include h… Read more

Although recent rains have greened up drought-stricken pastures in northwest Iowa, grazing is “pretty-well finished” for this season. Begin repairing pastures for the 2022 grazing season with … Read more

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Preconditioning programs for feeder cattle have long been recognized by the beef industry as a way for cow-calf operators to add credibility and, therefore, value to their annual calf crops. T… Read more

Over the years as I have worked with producers developing a grazing system, you would expect fencing to be the major issue. As the paddocks are set up, water almost always becomes the major is… Read more

There are several different approaches to developing and implementing a succession plan for a business. Some take a practical, deliberate approach, starting with a basic estate plan and contin… Read more

Some parts of the state are not getting the moisture for their soybean crop so the decision to salvage them for hay or silage may have to be made. Soybean hay or silage can have feed values ve… Read more

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Inventorying and planning for hay and other forage feed needs is essential every year, especially when production is uncertain due to drought or excess moisture. Read more

Meeting the nutritional needs of cattle is the foundation of a healthy herd. Nutritional needs differ between bulls, dry cows, lactating cows, growing replacement heifers, and post-weaning cal… Read more

Drought is a possibility in all climates and environments. When I was in Arkansas the driest year on record for my location was right at 30 inches of rain in 2012. This would seem to be a pret… Read more

It is hard to believe that it is near that time of year when corn will start to be harvested for silage. We have been fortunate in many areas of the region to receive timely precipitation prov… Read more

Hot, dry weather is impacting part of the state which in turn is impacting the water quality for grazing cattle. In some pastures, the only water source available are ponds and dugouts which c… Read more

The 2021 Nebraska Grazing Conference is back as an in-person event after going virtual in 2020 due to the challenges of COVID-19. This year’s conference will be held Aug. 9-11 at the Younes Co… Read more

There is a quote in the 1922 USDA Yearbook of Agriculture I like to refer to…”The cheapest of all feed is pasture because it furnishes a balanced ration at a low cost and the cow does her own … Read more

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As livestock producers, we’ve all had our experiences with having to perform necropsies. They aren’t pleasant because we only do them when something has died and we’re trying to determine the … Read more

Have you read some of the reports lately about drones and thought, “I don’t want anything to do with that!”? It’s easy to see their disadvantages, especially when it comes to privacy and bysta… Read more