When temporary power outages hit rural areas of South Dakota, animal caretakers might wonder, “How did we ever raise livestock in the days before electricity?” Electric lights, hot water heaters, and mechanical ventilation are all items that are taken for granted, except when weather events … Read more

USDA released an updated corn and soybean yield last week, which reshaped the feed outlook for the year. The latest Crop Production (November) report indicated the corn yield dipped below a re… Read more

High vomitoxin levels are leading to the rejection of some corn at grain elevators this year. Vomitoxin detected in corn so far is enough that at some elevators, trucks are not permitted to le… Read more

During the fall and winter of 2020 Nebraska Beef Extension Educators will host six Beef Profitability Workshops to help the beef producer evaluate their operations to make them more profitable… Read more

With dry conditions still plaguing much of the state, baling corn residue following harvest might be an optional roughage source if hay supply is getting tight. What value should be put on bal… Read more

I’ve not been on the road as much lately and it’s been nice to watch minute, daily changes in things as the days shorten and the nights become cooler. A few spiny pigweeds in the barn lot were… Read more

Composting livestock mortalities can be an efficient and inexpensive method of disposing of on-farm mortalities. Rendering facilities are becoming harder to come by and so are landfills that a… Read more

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By Don Tyler Trust is an essential attribute for any business culture. Without trust it is impossible to build the… Read more

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Trust is an essential attribute for any business culture. Without trust it is impossible to build the cohesiveness needed for teamwork, for people to feel comfortable admitting mistakes, to ma… Read more

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By : Jimmy Henning, Extension Professsor, Livestock Forage Specialist, University of Kentucky (first published in August 6th issue of Farmer’s… Read more

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By : Dr. Andrew Griffith, Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics The word dilemma means to choose between… Read more

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By Don Tyler During some recent visits with the managers of several feed yards, one topic came up repeatedly. “How… Read more