The Propane Education & Research Council has added a new video about an innovative new line of Reliable Horsepower engines from Industrial Irrigation Systems — featuring new efficiencies, reduced maintenance time, and a complete electronic fuel control system.

Reliable Horsepower engines are built for longevity and durability, which begins at the first stages of the engineering process, followed by vigorous product testing and application review. While the base configuration is similar, the company makes adjustments to customize each engine for customer needs.

“In today’s economy, you have to look at every dollar that you spend,” said Randy Vana, Producer. “If you’re not looking into a propane engine, you’re really missing out on some savings that could be working for you on your farm. From lower engine costs to fuel savings and maintenance savings, there’s absolutely no reason not to look into it and see if it would fit into your operation.”

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With over 65 years in the industrial engine business, IIS has offered a variety of engine brands and fuel types over the years but relies on propane to meet customer demands for EPA emissions regulations and successful engine operation in remote locations.

Reliable Horsepower engines feature advanced design valve-trains, hydraulic roller valve lifters, higher compression ratios for improved horsepower and performance, integrated piston oilers for cooler engine operation and longevity. For more information about Reliable Horsepower engines, visit

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