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ServiTech Bridge, now supported by Sentera’s FieldAgent technology

ServiTech, Inc. today (March 30) announced a long-term partnership with Sentera, under which FieldAgent by Sentera will deliver industry-leading field imagery, crop health monitoring and change detection technology to support the ServiTech Bridge platform, improving grower outcomes through more informed management decisions.

ServiTech will leverage Sentera technology including satellite and ultra-high-resolution imagery to provide critical insights into the health of a crop and inform better in-season management decisions. ServiTech’s team of expert agronomists will leverage these insights through the Bridge platform, allowing them to observe and detect field issues in real-time to better serve the company’s grower clients.

“Since launching Bridge in 2019, ServiTech has received a great response from our customer base about how implementing technology is important to thrive as a modern farming operation, and these new, advanced services from Sentera will allow growers to make intelligent decisions on fields at a level not possible before,” said ServiTech President and CEO Greg Ruehle.

FieldAgent by Sentera delivers time-sensitive agricultural insights that optimize decisions and improve outcomes. FieldAgent enables agronomic advisors to continuously monitor fields, efficiently deploy scouting resources, quickly collaborate with stakeholders, accurately validate treatment efficacy and positively support economic crop input decision making.

“We are excited to partner with ServiTech in its mission to help growers make tough decisions,” said Dallas Ford, Director of Business Development at Sentera. “Our team is focused on supporting ServiTech and its experienced team of agronomists to overcome the issues facing agriculture today.”

Additional benefits to growers include:

  • Counting tassels for yield estimation
  • Validating actual plant emergence vs. as-planted population goals
  • Providing in-season data to prescribe better solutions and improve yields

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ServiTech, Inc. is the nation's largest crop consulting firm and agricultural laboratory. Started in 1975, ServiTech relies on the most current technologies, research and science to make productive and profitable recommendations for thousands of growers on millions of acres in North America. In order to help growers reconcile incoming data, keep up with new technology and enhance their return on investment, the company launched ServiTech Expanded Premium Services (STEPS), focusing on the exploration, development and field testing of cutting-edge technology in the agricultural sector. In 2020, ServiTech celebrated its 45th anniversary. For more information, please visit:

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