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No doubt, feeder calf value begins with a healthy calf, but there’s more to profitability than that. Value creation starts by knowing what drives profitability for your customer – whether you’re a cow-calf producer or a cattle feeder – then taking the steps to raise a calf that best meets those value drivers. Take your calves to the next level by understanding the ins and outs of grid marketing and how to use carcass data to influence management decisions.

To help drive decisions on the ranch, a free webinar, "Understanding grid marketing and carcass data," by the folks at Certified Angus Beef ®, airs Jan. 21, at 1:30 p.m. CST. In less than an hour, a market analyst will dispel myths about grid discounts and associated risks while answering questions.

Join Paul Dykstra as he covers the details of grid marketing fed cattle and how that impacts feeder calf values and your profit potential.

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Paul Dykstra

Assistant Director, Supply Management and Analysis

As the assistant director of supply management and analysis, Paul shares information and builds relationships with cattle feeders, commercial cow-calf producers and registered breeders, helping to point to ways to profitably manage and market high-quality cattle. Over the years he has helped countless producers understand more about where value is generated beyond their ranch gates, leading them to change their herd in order to capture that value. Today, he continues that work and carries the message of consumer demand to the production sector. He also serves as the brand’s resident expert on the beef market and grading trends, which he reports on in the bi-weekly CAB Insider.