BN Steak

USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) recently launched a new, interactive grading dashboard to capture current and historical quality grade and volume information for beef and other proteins. The dashboard includes data published through the weekly USDA National Steer & Heifer Estimated Grading Percent Report and expands the information to include veal and lamb grades and volumes.

A benefit of the dashboard is the filters that can be manipulated to allow users to see information from different regions over different time frames. It also gives users the ability to easily compare and analyze up to 10 years of data and download the information into a spreadsheet for further evaluation.

In its current state, the system only views quality grade information. However, AMS has indicated they intend to encapsulate other reports published under Livestock Mandatory Reporting, such as slaughter under federal inspection, boxed beef load counts, etc.

To view the dashboard, click here.